The Centennial Rodeo Opry -  August 19, 2017

The Centennial Rodeo Opry - August 19, 2017

Justin Robbins, Kaylea Harris, Will Huckabee, Madeline Long, Dan Soriano

Sat, August 19, 2017

7:00 pm

Rodeo Opry

Oklahoma City, OK

Adults - $15.00

Children 7 -12 years - $7.50

Children 6 years & younger - FREE

 *Military discount available at box office with military ID

Darlin Darla
Darlin Darla
Darla Morgan is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Oklahoma City. She started her caree in gospel music traveling throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri as a soloist in Southern Baptist Churches. Darla has been nominated Outstanding Young Woman of Oklahoma; she has numerous awards from the Opry.

She has performed in Branson, MO five years and now makes her home here in Oklahoma City where she is a regular at the Rodeo Opry. she is a graduate of Southeast High School and the mother of two grown sons.
Kaylea Harris
Kaylea Harris
Kaylea Harris is a 15 year old Country/Rockabilly singer from Yukon, Oklahoma. Kaylea began singing when she was about 9 years old. She started out with Classic Country music and artists such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Kitty Wells. Her first experience with a live band was with her Cousin Jimmy Dale Richardson and Great Uncle Melvin Richardson's band called "The Beltline Boys".

Her cousin Jimmy and Great Uncle Melvin (Aka The Beltline Boys) introduced Kaylea to a type of music called Rockabilly. Kaylea's first Rockabilly song to sing was "Fujie Yama Mama" by the Queen of Rock, Wanda Jackson.

Kaylea became a member of Oklahoma Kids, a chapter of Dr. Dale J Smith's American Kid's in 2007. That same year on May 3rd, Kaylea auditioned for the Oklahoma Centennial Rodeo Opry in the Historic Stockyards of OKC. Kaylea's audition song was a patsy Cline song called "Let The Teardrops Fall" Kaylea was pulled to the side after her audition and was interviewed by the Opry. When asked who her favorite singer was she replied "Wanda Jackson" and when asked what her favorite song was she replied "Fujie Yama Mama". Kaylea's first time at the Rodeo opry was June 7th 2007 and her first song to sing with the Opry band was "Fujie Yama Mama". She has been with the Rodeo Opry for four years now. Kaylea also stars in the Rodeo Opry's Concert Series during the school months.

Kaylea was asked by the Rodeo Opry to sing on the 32nd anniversary night on may 23rd of 2009. She was surprised to meet her idol Wanda Jackson and be invited to sing with her at the Rodeo Opry again, and at the Summer Breeze Concert in Norman.

Kaylea not only sings at the Rodeo Opry but also at the Clinton Country Jamboree, the McSwain Theater, The Poncan Opry, and has sung the National Anthem at places like the Shrine Circus, and the 101 Wild West Rodeo.

Kaylea sings a variety of genres from Classic Country, to some of today's country, to Rockabilly music. She loves what she does and adores her audience and fans. She says "I don't do it for myself... I do it for my audience. I like to see them smile at me, it makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing something special when they smile at me."
Venue Information:
Rodeo Opry
2221 Exchange Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73108