The Centennial Rodeo Opry -  September 16, 2017

The Centennial Rodeo Opry - September 16, 2017

Lauren Lee & Liberty Road, James Hostler, Dean McCoy & Family, Mallory Jackson

Sat, September 16, 2017

7:00 pm

Rodeo Opry

Oklahoma City, OK

Adults - $15.00

Children 7 -12 years - $7.50

Children 6 years & younger - FREE

 *Military discount available at box office with military ID

Lauren Lee & Liberty Road
Lauren Lee & Liberty Road
Lauren Lee and Liberty Road are from Southeastern Oklahoma. Lauren began playing fiddle at 13 and started singing at 17. She always had a desire to learn fiddle after discovering Alison Krauss at a young age. She learned all of the basics on her own by ear and 3 years into her playing, her music took a turn of a lifetime. She was introduced to Herman Johnson of Shawnee, OK. Herman is a Master Fiddle...r who has won many competitions including National Championships. Lauren studied under Herman for four years and has continued to stay very busy pursuing her own music career with Liberty Road and also giving private lessons for fiddle and mandolin. Sawyer Lee is Lauren's younger brother. He started playing the guitar at age 11. After Lauren started learning more fiddle tunes, she needed a backup guitar player, so Sawyer stepped right up. His talent is completely raw with no formal training but has earned the respect of many and now quite often his peers are heard saying, “That’s Sawyer’s style, how does he do that?”. His current songwriting skills have shown his ability to cross genres and bring them together with a contemporary feel. Robbie Lee is the father of Lauren and Sawyer. He has always had talent in music by playing different instruments starting in high school. He eventually settled with the drums playing mostly Country and Western. After Lauren and Sawyer started learning more progressive styles in 2004, they decided Dad needed to learn the djembe. After receiving his first percussion *toy* for Father's Day, he quickly added more percussion instruments that now give the band its own style and the largest case to carry.

Their debut album, "Don't Look Back" was released July of 2006 on Four Count Records. Lauren and Sawyer lend their songwriting skills to 3 of the songs, while family friend and fellow songwriter Jerry Dilday contributed 4 songs including the title track. The rest of the songs are all traditional standards which Lauren and the guys have added their personal style to.

The new album, which is titled, “2nd Floor” was released in April 2009. The album was a project that spanned over 2 years since the completion of “Don’t Look Back”. Lauren and the band claim that “2nd Floor” has taken their music to the next level of growth and maturity they were striving to reach. Choosing music for the album was a difficult process because they knew they were growing tighter as a band and wanted material that would show just that. The end result was a very personal and intimate collection of material. Lauren wrote two instrumentals, which are totally focused around the fiddle. Lauren and Sawyer together wrote one instrumental that is a true definition of their personal style and ability to combine instruments in a unique way. Jerry Dilday is featured as a songwriter on 4 tracks while lending lead vocals on 2 of his songs. There are two songs on the album that were written by influential folksingers, Jimmy LaFave and Ellis Paul. Lauren and the band hope that the listeners will be led by the emotion and purity that flows through the entire album, from the very first opening chord to the very last note. The versatility in the styles of music that is played is something that the entire band strives for. So, with that passion, they strive to play music that will touch anyone of any age. The band is thrilled with the reception of their new work. Maverick Magazine/UK gave their CD an awesome review stating that it is “A highly polished pleasing and faultless second album” with a 4 out of 5 star rating.
Venue Information:
Rodeo Opry
2221 Exchange Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73108